Executive Management

Chief Executive OfficerMr. Davlin Thomas
Chief Operating OfficerMrs. Stacy Thomas-Lewis
Chief Financial OfficerMs. Sharon Creft
Executive Medical DirectorDr. Rodney Ramroop
General Manager, Human ResourcesMs. Joanne Thomas
General Manager, Primary Health CareDr. Abdul Hamid
General Manager, Nursing ServicesMs. Rosalyn Renaud
Regional Manager, Biomedical ServicesMr. Russell Sooknanan
Regional Manager, PurchasingMs. Jesia Pacheco
Regional Manager, Medical RecordsMs. Patrice Forte
Consultant Legal ServicesMs. Keesha Butcher
Manager, Quality Improvement and Risk ManagementMs. Marsha Samaroo
Manager, Corporate CommunicationsMr. Peter Neptune
Manager, Business Planning and SupportMs. Vernessar Cummings
Manager, Information TechnologyMr. Warren Harding
Manager, Hospital ServicesMr. Marlon Mason
Medical Chief of Staff, Eric Williams Medical Sciences ComplexDr. Malachy Ojuro
Complex Administrator, Eric Williams Medical Sciences ComplexMr. Collin Bissessar
Medical Chief of Staff, Mount Hope Women’s HospitalDr. Randall Gooding
Hospital Administrator, Mount Hope Women’s HospitalMs. Indira Ramoutar
Thoracic Medical Director, Caura HospitalDr. Michelle Trotman
Hospital Administrator, Caura HospitalMs. Liza Bethelmy
Primary Care Physician II, St Joseph ClusterDr. Waly Mohan
Facility Manager, St Joseph ClusterMs. Suzy Dhoray
Primary Care Physician II, Arima ClusterDr. Keisha Gangaram
Facility Manager, Arima ClusterMs. Mouresia Cadogan
Primary Care Physician II, Chaguanas ClusterDr. Shaun Ramroop
 Facility Manager, Chaguanas Cluster Ms. Renee Pilgrim