The awards’ significance award is that this was the first time a patient is being recognised for doing their part to stay healthy so they can accommodate care for others in the system. We need to recognise, praise and support patients when they do the right thing because they often do not understand the impact on the delivery of care to other patients, of an unhealthy lifestyle or when they ignore their doctors advice on taking their medication.


The first “Like Ah Boss” Awardee, Ms Surughdaie Gurdeen, an outpatient of the NCRHA’s non communicable diseases clinic in Arima. Ms Gurdeen, who was previously gravely ill, has turned around her life by taking responsibility for her own health, through lifestyle changes and by following her medication regime – with the support of the NCD medical team at the NCRHA. Apart from improving the quality of her own life, the efforts of Ms Gurdeen through exercise and medication, is being recognised as an important contribution to improving the healthcare system. Her commitment to her health is freeing up critical care services for other patients who have a greater need. Thus improving the quality of service for everyone else.

The important message is that by taking care of ourselves and ensuring that we remain healthy, we are directly taking care of others, as more capacity will be available in the healthcare system to take care of others who really need the attention and support from our doctors.