The Post Natal Home Care Unit (PNHCU) at the Mt Hope Women’s Hospital targets high risk postnatal patients who had pregnancy issues such as pregnancy induced hypertension, diabetes, preeclampsia and associated complex deliveries like caesarean sections.   The idea of the PNHCU was first proposed when members of the nursing staff at the Mt Hope Women’s Hospital noticed that there was a gap in the delivery of care for post-delivery patients accessing medical care.  It surfaced as an issue when nurses were attempting to get attention for a post-delivery patient and found that the only way to get the care needed for the new mother was to have the patient return to the hospital.

Launched on October 30th 2017, the team of specially trained mobile midwives and doctors, follow up with home visits to reduce the adverse health risks for new moms and their babies.

After being discharged from delivery, if a patient needs medical attention within 14 days, she will be referred to the facility where she gave birth. It was found that many new moms are unable to access the care they need. The new Unit is now reaching out to these patients to ensure they receive health care system as well.



The service is conducted at their homes to ensure they are taking their medications, tracking their recovery from delivery and facilitating support from other agencies such as social services.



Over 200 persons have been visited to date. To confirm



If your institution is interested in accessing this service and you are located in our catchment area, please contact:


Nursing Administrator

Administrative Offices

Ground Floor

Mount Hope Women’s Hospital

Uriah Butler Highway, Champs Fleurs

Phone: 225-3041

Email: exec.sec.nursing@ncrha.co.tt