Hotline: (868)-663-3015 - 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.      

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where do I get registered with the NCRHA?
    • Brown counters by Medical Records. 1 st time patients register in the main lobby area
      and revisit patients register in the clinics
    How do I register for a clinic?
    • For your 1 st visit (for walk-in patients), you must drop off your referral letter at medical
      records by the brown counter in the main lobby. For revisits you can register directly at
      the clinics where you have your appointment.
    What are the clinics at the EWMSC?
    • The Clinics at the EWMSC are as follows: (Please click on your Clinic for directions)
      i. Eye Clinic
      ii. Urology Clinic
      iii. ENT Clinic
      iv. Vascular Clinic
      v. Neurosurgery Clinic
      vi. Orthopaedic Clinic
      vii. Surgical Clinic
      viii. Medical Out Patient Clinic (MOPC)
      ix. Neurology Clinic
      x. Haematology Clinic
      xi. Dermatology Clinic
      xii. Cardiology Clinic
      xiii. Gastro Clinic
      xiv. Nephrology Clinic
      xv. Chest Clinic
      xvi. Cardio Thoracic
      xvii. Plastics Clinic
      xviii. Anaesthetic Clinic
      xix. General Surgery Clinic
      xx. Physiotherapy Clinic
      xxi. Non Invasive Lab
    What are the clinic schedules at the EWMSC?
    • The clinic schedules at the EWMSC are as follows:
      i. General Surgery (Mon – Wed mornings)
      ii. Plastic Surgery (Mon mornings)iii. Ophthalmology (Monday – Fridays)
      iv. Oncology & Biopsy (Mon mornings, Tues evenings)
      v. Orthopaedic (Mon – Fridays)
      vi. Neurosurgery (Mondays –all day, Tues evenings)
      vii. Urology (Mon evenings, Weds all day, Thurs evenings)
      viii. ENT (Tues evenings, Thurs mornings, Friday evenings)
      ix. Cardiac Surgery (Wed evenings)
      x. Organ Transplant Clinic (Thurs mornings)
      xi. Bariatric Surgery (Thursday mornings)
      xii. Vascular Access Clinic (Thurs mornings)
      xiii. Anaesthetic Assessment (Fri mornings)
      xiv. Prostate Assessment (Fri evenings)
    What if I have a referral letter?
    • Referral letter are to be dropped off at the Medical Records Counter in the main lobby area. Depending on the schedule of the Clinic, you will be contacted for an appointment date. If you have not been contacted within 4 – 6 weeks, please contact the Medical Referrals Office at the contact numbers below:
      a. Eye Clinic: (868) 225-4673 ext: 2118
      b. Urology Clinic: (868) 225-4673 ext: 2112
      c. ENT Clinic: (868) 225-4673 ext: 2112
      d. Vascular Clinic: (868) 225-4673 ext: 2112
      e. Neurosurgery Clinic: (868) 225-4673 ext: 2112
      f. Orthopaedic Clinic: (868) 225-4673 ext: 2113
      g. Surgical Clinic: (868) 225-4673 ext: 2113
      h. Medical Out Patient Clinic (MOPC): (868) 225-4673 ext: 2511
      i. Neurology Clinic : (868) 225-4673 ext: 2511
      j. Haematology Clinic: (868) 225-4673 ext: 2511
      k. Dermatology Clinic: (868) 225-4673 ext: 2511
      l. Cardiology Clinic: (868) 225-4673 ext: 2511
      m. Gastro Clinic: (868) 225-4673 ext: 2511
      n. Nephrology Clinic: (868) 225-4673 ext: 2511
      o. Chest Clinic: (868) 225-4673 ext: 2169
      p. Cardio Thoracic: (868) 225-4673 ext: 2147
      q. Plastics Clinic: (868) 225-4673 ext: 2122
      r. Anaesthetic Clinic: (868) 225-4673 ext: 2122
      s. General Surgery Clinic: (868) 225-4673 ext: 2122
      t. Physiotherapy Clinic: (868) 225-4673 ext: 2037
      u. Non Invasive Lab: (868) 225-4673 ext: 2050
    How long are the waiting times in the clinics?

    This varies depending on the schedule of the clinic and the number of patients booked for that day. Please speak with our staff on duty for more

    What if I need a wheelchair or trolley?

    Contact staff at the information desk in the main lobby to request a wheelchair or trolley for your patient.

    Where can I park?

    You can park in the public parking area at Car Park 1 near the northern entrance to the Complex.

    How do I register for my 1st appointment?

    To register for your first appointment you must pull a number at the Brown Counter in the main lobby area. When your number is called approach the counter where our staff will request your bio data for registration. Upon registration, you will be directed to the location of your clinic.

    How do I make follow up appointments?

    When your doctor gives you the appointment slip indicating when you should get your next scheduled appointment, you must immediately visit the clerk at the clinic to register and confirm the date and time of your next appointment.

    What if I miss my appointment?

    You may visit your clinic to reschedule the appointment. Please be advised that you will be scheduled for the next available appointment.

    What if I have lost my appointment card?

    You may request a new clinic card from the Medical Records Department at the Brown Counter in the main lobby area.

    What time does registration start?

    Registration for new patients begins at 6am. Registration for each clinics may vary, but patients are seen on a first-come first-served basis. Check your appointment card to see the start time for your clinic.

    What if I need to see a doctor urgently?

    You will can visit our Accident & Emergency Department if you require urgent medical attention. Please contact our Customer Service Reps at the counter for assistance.

    How do I locate a friend or relative who is an inpatient at the hospital?

    You can visit the information booth at the main lobby area with the name of the patient.