“Ready for the Road… Keeping Our Culture Alive,” targets our workers and performers who portray our culture at home and abroad, because they do not get the time in their busy schedules to get check-ups, eat properly, plan medical screenings and generally pay attention to their health. We are trying to change our culture, by encouraging the custodians of our culture to get their regular screenings so health issues can be identified early and addressed long before simple ailments become critical.



More than 150 leading entertainers, bandleaders and pan players were screened at the Mt Hope Medical Sciences Complex , as part of a new project to ensure our cultural leaders and icons are healthy and “Ready for the Road” for the 2018 Carnival Season. The Authority has reached out to various groups in society in its thrust to raise awareness of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and to improve the quality of healthcare provided to members of the public entrusted into our care.” This initiative provides a preventative medical screening intervention to reverse the proliferation of Non-communicable diseases and reduce the impact they have on our Emergency Department and our valued clientele.



Testing included blood testing, ECG tests, a chest x-ray and a consultation with a doctor to review the findings of the screening with the patient, so our cultural icons can make the lifestyle adjustments they need to improve their quality of life.

NCRHA  hosted various mas band leaders, calypsonians, soca artists and pan players at the St. Joseph Enhanced Health Facility to perform extensive check-ups to ensure that their health is “Ready for the Road.”



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