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    NCRHA- Ethics Committee



    The Mission of the NCRHA Ethics Committee is to provide a multidisciplinary forum for the analysis and discussion of ethical standards effecting NCRHA in all its activities. This mission will be fulfilled through the Committee’s advisory, educational, policy development, and service functions. The NCRHA Ethics Committee is charged with assisting the NCRHA in conducting its patient care operations within a consistent ethical framework and in the integration of ethical values into practice, policy, relationships and organizational activities.


    The purpose of the NCRHA Ethics Committee is to cultivate a pluralistic and democratic exchange of ethical values and concerns and to critically analyze that discussion for opportunities to enhance the ethical integrity of NCRHA.


    Core Values

    Integrity /
    Commitment to
    Respect for
    Human Dignity
    Cooperation /


    The NCRHA Ethics Committee is constituted by the Authority vested in the Director of Health, NCRHA. The NCRHA Ethics Committee is established in order to assist the clinicians in standardizing care, resolving ethical dilemmas, as well as, oversee the conduct of research in the institution whether it is in compliance with the Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical Research on Human Subjects.
    The NCRHA Ethics Committee has the following objectives:

    1. To ensure the competent review and evaluation of all ethical aspects of the research project received, to ensure compliance with the appropriate laws and safe guard welfare of subjects
    2. Patient care services
    3. Clinical ethics consultation
    4. Education of professional, administrative and support staff about ethical issues
    5. Continuing education and training programs that assure that NCRHA Ethics Committee members are qualified to perform their specific duties within the NRHA Ethics Committee
    6. To consider and make recommendations to the Board on ethical issues in relation to health research, especially those emerging through the development of new areas of health research.
    7. To provide independent comments on ethical problems that may arise in any aspect of health research.
    8. To formulate institutional responses to National and international developments relating to ethical issues.
    9. To safeguard the rights and well-being of all trial subjects. Special attention should be given to trials that may include vulnerable subjects.
    10. To consider the qualifications of the investigator for the proposed trial, as documented by a current curriculum vitae and or by any other relevant documentation the Ethics Committee requests


    The NCRHA Ethics Committee will be composed of a Chairperson, a Secretary and thirteen (13) active members. The members selected will have an equitable representation of all specialties in the institution. It includes ethics experts, scientists, clinicians, legal expert and a social worker.



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