My Brother’s Keeper Initiative provides healthcare intervention for workers in the protective services who have dedicated their lives to the safety of our citizens. Many times the lifestyles and schedules do not permit them the time to obtain regular check-ups, maintain proper diet and nutrition and/or make appointments for medical screenings. This initiative makes it easy and convenient for these guardians of our nation, to get screened and to understand the status of their health. This intervention will help our servicemen adjust their lifestyles to ensure they enjoy a higher quality of life for their continued wellbeing and contributions to our nation.


How it Works

Our emphasis is on providing early preventative medical care. The screening projects and initiatives are intended to reduce the need for secondary or emergency care intervention in the latter stages. As at 2017, the Ministry of Health spent approximately TT$8.7 billion was spent annually in treating with non-communicable diseases – a cost that could be significantly reduced through lifestyle changes and early screening and intervention. NCDs have its greatest impact on those who are busy and those who place themselves second on their list of priorities.  It was felt that through a collaborative effort between protective services and health, we will be able to create avenues to further reduce the growing incidences of NCDs and other illnesses.


Services Offered

NCRHA’s My Brothers’ Keeper Initiative includes an executive medical screening for active duty officers comprising blood testing, a Stress Test, ECG tests, a chest x-ray and a personal consultation with a NCRHA medical doctor to review the findings of the screening.



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