With more than 25,000 persons screened for diabetes and other non-communicable diseases since March 2017, “Walk The Talk” is one of the most successful outreach programs in the Trinidad and Tobago healthcare system.

This outreach project was proposed by the NCRHA in response to the growing trend in mortality from non-communicable diseases in Trinidad and Tobago. Mainly a primary healthcare initiative, Walk The Talk encourages a closer relationship with our communities through partnerships with faith based organizations such as churches, mosques and temples. The leadership of the congregation are able to continue testing memberships for NCDs as well as follow up with persons who are at risk for developing (or are dealing with) diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and other lifestyle diseases through support groups and resources within the churches.

As part of the program, medical personnel from the NCRHA attend church services to test members, provide training for church leaders as well as establish direct contacts with healthcare providers to ensure support and timely care is available before high risk patients need emergency care.

The visit includes presentations to the congregation, as well as patient consultations with a medical doctor who can provide medicines and advice on diet, exercise and stress management. Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) account for over TT$8.7 billion of our annual healthcare budget. Statistics from the World Health Organization also infers that 80% of diseases affecting Trinidad and Tobago are NCDs, included heart lung, kidney diseases as well as diabetes and hypertension.

The onset of NCDs are predominantly triggered by lifestyle practices and the benefit of the program are cost savings in emergency medicine as well as an improvement in the quality of life for members of our communities.



Services include but are not limited to:

Basic Testing: Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Body Mass Index (BMI)

Counselling: Nutrition and Dietetics

Other: Referrals, Prescriptions



Approximately 80 institutions in locations under the NCRHA’s purview have accessed this service so far.  To date, over 25,000 persons have been screened with a 30% intervention rate for persons who were picked up with dangerously high results. The interventions from the ‘Walk the Talk’ outreach program have been able to identify potential health emergencies and thus curb possible fatalities.




If your institution is interested in accessing this service and you are located in our catchment area, please contact:

General Manager, Primary Care Services

First Floor, Building #2

Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex

Uriah Butler Highway, Champs Fleurs

Phone: 225-4673 Ext 2097