Introducing the Lung Cancer / Thoracic Malignancy Unit…

The NCRHA’s Lung Cancer / Thoracic Malignancy Unit (LC/TMU) is the leader in offering innovative approaches to Lung Cancer and other chest malignancies, diagnoses and patient support services in Trinidad and Tobago. Potential lung cancer patients receive prompt care and referrals to oncology treatment from our qualified and caring team. The unit also engages in proactive and preventative measures such as public health education, to raise awareness of tobacco and its harmful effects on the human body.

In observation of “World No Tobacco Day” which is celebrated on the 31st of May annually, the North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) via the Lung Cancer / Thoracic Malignancy Unit, as customary, hosted its fifth School Poster Competition in May 2022. The competition allowed participants to fuse their creativity with their knowledge of the negative impact tobacco has on the human body and the environment.

Each year, we have seen an increased number of schools participating in the competition; with feedback from the teachers and parents commending the message behind the activity. Over the past few years, the NCRHA has received hundreds of entries from talented students who were willing to make a statement against the unhealthy habit. This year, students were encouraged to channel their artistic capabilities through digital, traditional and animated art, and the evidence of the effort made was truly inspiring.

 This dynamic group is headed by Mr. Mark West – Consultant, Cardiothoracic Surgeon. With the application of a team-based approach, the unit also consists of other Thoracic Surgeon Consultants such as Dr. Ian Ramnarine, Dr. Sreekanth Sagubadi and Dr. Iavan Gamboa; lung cancer nursing specialists and administrative support staff.

What’s their next move? The LC/TMU is currently in the process of commemorating Lung Cancer Awareness Month (November) by raising awareness on the importance of screening, risk factors and preventative measures of lung cancer through educational sessions for the general public, and a “wear white” campaign for members of staff!

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